Slovenia – a small country with great beekeeping experience

To be Slovenian is to be a beekeeper

The Republic of Slovenia is situated in the heart of Europe at the midpoint of Mediterranean area, Alpine region and Pannonian flat. It is one of the smallest countries in Europe (its surface is just 20.273 km2). The population is slightly less than two million and it is a country of many beekeepers. Slovenia has around 8.000 beekeepers and therefore four beekeepers per 1000 inhabitants, which means that the Slovenes are truly a nation of beekeepers.

Slovenians are emotionally attached to bees. The old saying that beekeeping is the poetry of agriculture was first used by the residents of the Slovenian lands. In addition, a recent slogan says that to be Slovenian is to be a beekeeper. Among every thousand citizens of Slovenia, four people are beekeepers, which is unique in the world. Slovenia has an over 140-year-old national beekeepers’ association, the prominent technical magazine Slovenian Beekeeper (Slovenski cebelar) of a similar age, a beautiful beekeeping centre at Brdo pri Lukovici, more than 150 beekeeping banners, beekeeping formalwear, a hymn and much more.

Thanks to its cultural heritage, beekeeping is still a very valuable part of the agricultural life of Slovenia. The present situation in the Slovene beekeeping sector is characteristic for its massive use of back-loaded hive bee-houses enriching the landscape, its mode of bee transportation, cultural heritage, and for the good organisation of beekeepers in the beekeeping associations.

Source: Partial transcript from Slovenian Beekeepers’ Association

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