Guess where these Marley Family Members were born?

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Bob Marley was no ordinary man. Beyond his extraordinary contribution to the original soundtrack for universal justice; he is father to another unique brand of “world citizenship” — and a global legacy, that will survive many generations to come. Take this short quiz on the Marley Nation..

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  • Which of the 4 below is Bob’s eldest?

    • Ziggy
    • Stephen
    • Cedella
    • Imani
  • Where was Rita born?

    • Panama
    • Cuba
    • Jamaica
    • Ghana
  • Oh, and Damian’s mother?

    • Jamaica
    • Canada
    • Britain
    • United States
  • How about Ziggy’s wife, Orly?

    • Israel
    • Lebanon
    • Brazil
    • United States
  • And this lady?

    • United States
    • Haiti
    • Dominican Republic
    • Barbados
  • What about Julian’s mom?

    • Barbados
    • St. Kitts
    • Britain
  • And Julian?

    • Britain
    • Jamaica
    • Canada
    • United States
  • How about lovely Makeda?

    • Miami
    • Kingston
    • London
    • Philadelphia

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