Fountain Pimento Oil — Jamaica’s Gift To The World

Mighty Roots

Source: Di Riddim Sweet

From Ancient Roman baths to Jamaica’s historic hot springs, many recognize the benefits of a good soak; making the trip to Bath Fountains — hoping to experience the healing properties of the hot mineral water spewing from the mountains of St. Thomas.

For Sandra Gustard, the “miracle” at Bath Fountains however, was not the warm water but the deep tissue massage she received with local pimento oil. Penetrating her open pores, the oil permeated her nerve damaged-shoulder, numbed-arm and bulging neck, like hot medicine — what months of physical therapy, bio-freeze, acupuncture, pills and cortisone shots, could not do; was now being remedied.

It was from this experience, the idea for Fountain Pimento Oil was born. Renowned for its healing, soothing and antioxidant benefits — pimento oil is a powerful liquid remedy that has been used for centuries as a traditional “bush medicine”.

Fountain Pimento Oil in totally, is an organic herbal pain relief medication — and a natural analgesic, carminative and diuretic, for relieving many of your minor aches and pain; all whilst soothing, toning & moisturizing your skin — the natural way!

Harvested from plants flourishing in the wild across Jamaica, the berries are fermented over time to produce this potent blend. Untainted by pesticides and preservation treatments, this organic pain elixir has been termed “a complete medicine cabinet in a bottle.”

Learn more by visiting Fountain Pimento Oil’s Website

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