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Peace Fields
It’s impossible to understate the importance our pollinators — they ensure human survival. So, to promote the enduring vitality of nature’s magnificent little wonders, we create pollinator-friendly gardens across S. Florida.

Working to deepen our engagement across South Florida, we’ll be on the road shortly with our nomadic pop-up showcase — featuring our selection of honey products and animated series.

Upcoming Events:
The Yellow Green Farmers Market — South Florida’s Largest Farmers Market with over 300 under-roof booths in a 100,000 square-foot facility.

We are adding an affiliate program to our site — enabling digital rewards, when members share their creative currency.

EcoFarm & Bee Yard
We are still in the early stages of the project.  By summer we’ll have a bunkhouse on the property; with power and a pump for our irrigation system. We still require some additional resources before getting our primary crops of Scotch Bonnet | Red Sorrel | Blue Basil & Lavender in the ground.

Sponsorship & Fundraising
We rely on advertising and sponsorship for funding; and to help keep everything running.  If you like the work we do, please support us. For general inquiries, please use contact form. Queries regarding sponsorship, donations and other concerns, email us, or call: 305-332-0226

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